Pimp Your Lingo 2.0 – The Art Of Verbal Foreplay


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You’ll Be Talking To Women Like A “Natural”. Here’s Why:

  •  With the Pimp Your Lingo System you DON’T get sleazy tricks and weird pick up routines. If you’ve ever tried to use conventional pick up stuff you know how difficult that is to pull off without things getting weird. You feel fake and women can sense it. No words to learn here. The PYL system is easy to use and women just feel you’re a guy that gets it.
  • Anyone can use the PYL principles to attract women. Shy guys, confident guys, old guys young guys, no matter where you are in the world. Because it’s flexible and subtle, you can adjust your approach with these flexible methods depending on your surroundings and your personality.
  • It’s easy to practice even if you’re a busy professional. You can take most of the simpler methods and use it for your interactions during your day. Try it, play with it, notice the changes. When you can do it without thinking, move on to the next one. Simple. (More about that below)
  • It’s so subtle the girls on the program didn’t notice what I was doing even after I told them. ???? So you’ll never have to worry about coming across as creepy or anything like that.
  • This program makes you stand out in the right way.  Even if you think you don’t have an interesting personality, this program basically gives you one, even just by giving you the understanding and tools to have an amazing time when you talk to women
  • The principles work for you in face to face interactions with women, phone conversations and of course, texting. Every stage of the seduction process, you’ve got an unfair advantage over all the other guys.
  • The PYL fundamentals won’t just help you attract women, they’ll also help you be confident and persuasive in ANY social interaction, at work or in the club. Life changing.
  • Let’s keep it real. I can’t “guarantee” you my results or those of my students. Everybody is different. Your level of success depends on how you understand, practise and use the techniques. But the ideas I have condensed into this program have transformed me from a shy and awkward guy into a confident man. I am now at ease opening my mouth with complete strangers and love to engage, meet and connect and flirt with attractive women and I’ve dated some incredible women over the years. The methods could do the same for you.
  • Ok. Now before you get this check out some more real life feedback from guys who have used the program before you:


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