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Come watch professional comedians duke it out and vote for your favorites in the first installment of the Stay-At-Home Madness Comedy Competition.

Host – Usama Siddiquee

Usama Siddiquee (formerly known by his stage name “Usama Bin Laughin”) is completely comfortable with writing a bio about himself in third person. His absolute ease should already be impressing you by now.

Usama Siddiquee is a Bengali-American stand-up comedian and actor based in New York. He’s the kind of comic you want to follow right now, so you can totally gloat to your friends about how you were totally into him before he got huge. And then they’ll get really jealous of your impeccable foresight and superior taste.

Usama was featured this year on videos for NBC, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, The Scene,, FusionTV, and Huffington Post.


Anthony Passaretti

Anthony Passaretti is a writer and stand up comedian based out of NYC. He got his start in college, writing and directing variety shows at Marist College consisting of sketches, videos, improv, and music. He recently has spent most of his time buried in screenplays to try and make it until baseball and live shows come back.

Caroline Blair

I was homeschooled in Kansas and grew up to be a sad alcoholic. Eventually I moved to New York, got sober, and started doing stand up comedy.

Gianmarco Soresi

Gianmarco Soresi is an NYC comic and actor. His stand up has been featured on Netflix’s Bonding, PBS’ Stories from the Stage, SeeSo’s New York’s Funniest, Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City and he was the season 8 winner of Amazon’s Comics Watching Comics.

Jon Moskowitz

Jon Moskowitz performed all over NYC and the rest of the east coast.

Kevin H. Brady

You may not always laugh but you might just learn something. Features on the 2020 Billtown Comedy Festival and the 2020 New York Underground Comedy Festival, Kevin H. Brady performs all over NYC.

Matt Vita

Matt Vita is a stand up comedian, sketch writer/actor, improviser, musician, surfer, snowboarder, overall GNAR shredder and general mischief maker. He can rap better than you, shred trees faster than you, and still holds the door for strangers. So far in 2019 he’s made friends with Mark Cuban when Mark Cuban came to see him play Mark Cuban in an show, had Questlove tell him his band The Shipwrecks reminded him of old school Philly while they were improvising songs for the runners at the NYC Marathon, failed to lure Drake into being his pal despite various hot2death raps he wrote for him, and produced a few viral videos. Find his latest video content here (, watch him rap on IG (@BigDawgNY1), and if you want to see him get “stoked” buy him a beer and talk to him about surfing or snowboarding. Keep your eyes peeled for the Blacked Out Blackouts video series being released by The Gnar Bois ( later this year!

Nicole Yates

Nicole may take the stage looking a bit like a teenager who just rolled out of bed, however, her jokes about food, sports, pop culture and growing older, hit home with her audiences. She balances the norm of everyday life with oddball thoughts on work, the horror that is other people and other assorted things that tickle her interest. She’s a favorite among all ages that love to turn the mirror on themselves and laugh. That’s the awesome part, as this was her goal, as a little kid sitting way too close to the TV, soaking in the funny.

Sandeep Sen

Sandeep Sen is an Indian American standup comedian in New York. He is a blend of east-west cultures, which means he eats meat, but feels guilty about it, and only prays to Hindu Gods when he wants something. He performed throughout the country, and now mostly performs on zoom shows without pants. He has appeared in the New York Times and on Fox’s Laughs. He has competed and won comedy roast competitions at New York Comedy Club and The Stand and is a two time Comedy Fight Club tournament champion. Check him out on the Fake Outrage Report- a podcast recorded live in NYC that tackles the latest public outcries and whine-fests, where he tells you what your feelings should be.


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