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  1. Our founders, Ricardo Santana and Carlos Ayala are both completely doxxed in our ╠🧑┃meet-the-founders channel for you to check out! Make sure to also checkout our team members ╠🤗┃meet-our-team
    What is our project? We are an artist led project, where Carlos, nicknamed Mr. Button in our discord actively participates with our community to create a nice atmosphere. Our goals for this project are: • Create a strong community of storytellers and art lovers • Build a complete creative universe around Fluffs' story that will consist of both 2D and 3D art made by Mr. Button himself! Our universe will also include some cinematographic creations which will be backed up by in real life utilities alongside with some decentralized finance integrations 👀 • Construct an animated and live-action short-film, called 'Beyond the Trip' which will be our first step into mixing 2D animation and live-action cinematography to tell the story of what happens to Mr. Button when he drinks way too much Trippy Juice. To Further Understand why to Invest in our Project: Make sure to also carefully read both our ╠🧭┃roadmap and ╠📌



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