You can sell anything in a Digital form that you’ve created, you own the rights to or have the right to sell. It can not violate/offend anyone or their rights

Go To “My Seller Dashboard” and select “Sell Product”. 

Go To “My Seller Dashboard” and select “Sell Service”. 

Go To “My Seller Dashboard” and select “Sell NFT”.

Yes! Go To “My Seller Dashboard” and select “Mint  NTF”.

Go To “My Seller Dashboard” and select “Go Live PRO”.

No, You can list a job as a member. 

Simply go to the chosen candidate’s proposal to hire them by clicking on the chosen candidate’s  Payment Request link and making payment. After that candidate will be hired and your payment will be protected by Safepay . 

You can submit a job proposal on the job’s page. On the job’s page scroll down until you see “Apply Now” and submit it there.

Safepay is mandatory and applied automatically when buying and selling digital services on Diggii. This is to protect both the buyer and seller from fraudulent acts.

If you have purchased on Diggii and you have not received your order, you can request to cancel / change your order by contacting Diggii’s 24/7 Support Team.

Yes, however you can quickly create a users account on Diggii. Customers are required to create a user account in order to keep track of payments, orders & order status.

Go to “My Buyer Account” then go to “Orders”. There you will be able to check your order status.

Sellers can make a withdrawal request after 5 days. Diggii Safepay gives customers a 5 days grace period to make sure the customer do not have a issue with there order. If there is no complaints made within 5 days, the seller is able to collect their payment.

Diggii makes there decisions by comparing what the customer received to the listing of the purchase when it was brought.